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The following daytrip and overnight all-inclusive packages have exclusively been tailored for our valued clients as very personalized products & services with an extra bit of care and patience remembering your time frame, comfort, tastes, entertainment, desire, safety & security. All the following trips are more or less designed to be stretched from a daylong to overnight.
  City Area Tour
Full Day sight Seeing in Dhaka 20$~35$
Night Life tour in Dhaka 20$~60$
Half Day sight Seeing in Dhaka 13$~30$
Full Day Dhaka sight Seeing and Suburb 22$~40$
Full Day Dhaka City Bazar & Shopping Tour 20$~40$
Religious Trips in Dhaka 15$~35$
Full Day River Cruise in Dhaka 25$~50$
Excursion Trip, Moinamoti & Sonargaon 25$~55$
Excursion Trip, Sonargaon & Muslin Heritage 25$~50$
Chittagong the Port City Tour 225$~300$








    See Beach Tour
World's Longest Beach Tour 150$~225$
ST.MARTIN'S- The Only Coral Island Tour 300$~385$
Kuakata Sunrise & Sunset 225$~300$
  Natural Beauty Tour
Tea estates and natural forests Tour 75$~125$
Explore The Tea Valley And Forest 130$~195$
Bird watching trip to Srimongol 60$~100$
The Hill Tracts Districts 275$~350$
Be A Guest Of Our Village 75$~95$
Trip To The Sundarbans 250$~425$
Rocket Steamer Trip 165$~250$
    Heritage Tour
Bangladesh Heritage Site Tour 400$~425$
Temple City & Paharpur Heritage site 170$~250$
Kantaji's temple& Paharpur world heritage 225$~290$ 
Sundarbans The Largest Mangrove Forest in The World 225$~290$ 
Riverian Bangladesh & Shat Gombad World Heritage Mosque 135$~150$
Excursion Trip To Moinamoti 35$~45$
  Tribal Bangladesh Tour
Mymanshing Garo Tribal Village xx$~xx$
Land of the Tribal Bangladesh 275$~325$
Monipuri Tribal Trip - Sylhet xx$~xx$
Rakhain Tribal & Longest Beach xx$~xx$
Rangamati Tribal Trip 215$~275$
Bandarban Tribal Trip 235$~275$
Rangamati and Bandarban Tribal Trip 250$~350$

a) During sightseeing programs, all participants should avoid shorts and specially the lady participants should wear long dress and while visiting the mosques and temples, must take-off the shoes.

b) During sightseeing of Dhaka city, we offer lunch in local Bangladeshi restaurant. But while conducting city sightseeing including an excursions trip, we offer quick lunch in a fast food shop to save time.

c) Depending on the traffic situation, or under any forced circumstances, the accompanying guide will have the authority to revise the programs to suit the situation.
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