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BDTH pack 18: Be A Guest Of Our Village
[2 days/1 night]

A lamp for light, a well for water, and earthen stoves for cooking are common practices in our villages. In such a simple life, you will find a true richness of heart. Steaming hot rice with fish and vegetable curry is really delicious. Villages are abundant with papaya & coconut in the trees, and streets are busy with cows, goats, chickens, ducks, and water buffaloes. So, what are you going to encounter with? Something you'll never be able to experience in your home country is surely there.

Day 1 : After breakfast, depart for the village by car/coach . This trip will introduce you to a village life of Bangladesh, where around 80% population of the country lives. As per your interest, we shall send you to the specific village. It will be around 2-3 hours drive from Dhaka. On this trip, you will experience the slow and easy pace of rural life that has not remarkably changed its form over the decades, except for the inclusion of the modern technology in some sphere of life. While in a village, you can either observe their life style or you can participate in some of their daily activities. Accommodation will be arranged in your home stay family, which will be very simple but clean and cordial.

Day 2 : After breakfast, you will continue exploring the village in your own way with necessary assistance from the accompanied guide. After lunch, drive back to Dhaka.


Tour Costs: $ (Price per person)
1 person 2-5 person 6-9 person 10-14 person 15-19 person Single Supp
95$ 75$ - - - -

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